Child Abuse

Finding yourself involved in a child abuse case, whether you have been accused of abusing your child, or suspect that your child has been abused, can be one of the most frightening and emotional times in a parent's life. The legal process involved in these matters is very confusing and intimidating. You need to be represented by an attorney knowledgeable in the areas of psychology, psychiatry, medicine, criminal and family law.

If your case has been sealed or has been determined to be unfounded (meaning no credible evidence has been found), as is the outcome with many reported cases each year, you may want to request an amendment, or an expungement of the unfounded record (a complete removal of the records from the State Central Registry). This may be particularly important for those who work in a field where a child abuse report will have a negative impact, such as teachers or pediatricians.

"It is crucial to have an attorney who has the necessary expertise in order to represent the accused, or the accuser. As a former prosecutor, and now in private practice, I have learned how to evaluate the evidence from the perspectives of both the accused and the accuser. Understanding how each side does their job gives me an advantage in handling these cases. I have also received extensive training from experts in the fields of pediatrics, radiology, ophthalmology, forensic interviewing of children, and experts in the field of law enforcement."

-- Lawrence Jay Braunstein

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