Child Custody

While a divorce or separation is a decision made by the parents, children unfortunately suffer the consequences as well. Custody tends to be one of the most high-conflict areas of divorce, and therefore requires an attorney with specific knowledge in the areas of child development, child psychology, forensic custody evaluation and trial practice.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that communication and cooperation between the spouses is the best way to minimize the possible stress or trauma inflicted upon the children during this difficult time in their lives. We highly encourage that the spouses cooperate in creating a beneficial parental access schedule on their own, rather than through court intervention.

There are different options concerning custody, which we can help you choose from, such as joint or sole custody, different forms of parental access and spheres of decision making. When an acceptable settlement cannot be agreed upon and court intervention is necessary, the court will often assign the children their own lawyer to represent their interests. The court may also appoint other professionals such as a mental health child custody evaluator to interview your family and report back to the judge.

"I always try to resolve custody matters by negotiation, but many times that is just not possible. In those situations I know that my litigation skills and experience will protect my client's interests while promoting the best interests of the child."

-- Lawrence Jay Braunstein

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