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Deciding to get a divorce is a time of uncertainty that can bring up more questions than answers:

  • Who will get custody of the children?
  • How will the assets and liabilities be divided?
  • What will the spousal and child support be?

Even under the best of circumstances, the divorce process can be confusing and stressful. Braunstein & Zuckerman in White Plains has years of experience in helping clients navigate through this change, while providing them with ideas, and understanding.

"I look at each client as a person, not a case, and take a holistic approach in my representation of them. Every person dealing with a divorce, possibly involving custody of their children, deserves a lawyer who will represent them with compassion and strength, and support them through the process."

-- Lawrence Jay Braunstein

We represent parties in negotiation, litigation, mediation and collaborative divorces

We make sure the clients we represent have the information they need about divorce law and the different processes by which a divorce case can be resolved.

  • Negotiation — When possible, attorneys attempt to resolve divorces by negotiating with each other. In some cases this results in a resolution of all issues, in other cases it can identify the areas of agreement and disagreement enabling the parties to narrow the areas of disagreement.
  • Mediation — During mediation, spouses and their attorneys confer about divorce terms with the assistance of a qualified neutral third party, the mediator. This means the parties can work on their own schedule without the stress of a timeline imposed by the Court. We represent spouses during these sessions. We also serve as a mediator in family law matters.
  • Litigation — This process looks to the Court system to assist in the resolution of divorce cases. In many cases the involvement of the Court will result in a settlement by the parties. In other cases, where the parties cannot agree on the terms of the divorce, the case proceeds to trial and the Court issues a decision resolving all the outstanding issues.
  • Collaborative divorce — The guiding principle of Collaborative Divorce is that the parties and attorneys agree not to litigate. Each spouse retains an attorney specially trained in the collaborative process. Instead of working on opposite sides, the attorneys work together in a process that fosters cooperation instead of conflict, to achieve the most beneficial settlement for their individual clients.

Regardless of whether your divorce is relatively friendly or bitterly contested, you can count on our accomplished family lawyers to pursue a result that protects you and your children while putting you in a good position to the start the next chapter of your life.

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