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Family law encompasses a variety of issues that arise between adults, whether married or not, with or without children, as well as some issues centered on a child in distress.  Family law concerns differ from other types of legal matters where the parties go their separate ways once the result is reached. For that reason, it is vital to hire an attorney who is well versed not only in the pertinent legal standards but also in the real-world considerations touched on in this field of law. Braunstein & Zuckerman in White Plains has delivered strong family law counsel to Westchester County and New York City clients for almost four decades. From your first conversation with us, you will understand how we blend aggressive advocacy with personalized guidance to safeguard clients’ interests. 

We provide guidance on domestic matters

Ending a marriage may not be pleasant, but an experienced, compassionate lawyer can ease your burden and advocate for appropriate terms related to: 

  • Property division — Whether you settle the division of marital assets and debts with your spouse or litigate under the state’s equitable distribution law, we listen to your priorities and concerns and strive to deliver the best outcome possible. 
  • Maintenance — New York law uses the term maintenance, rather than alimony or spousal support. When one party earned most or all of a household’s income, we explain how the other’s eligibility for maintenance might be addressed under the state’s guidelines. Whichever side we represent, we press for a favorable result. 
  • Custody — Establishing mutually agreeable child custody arrangements can be a tough challenge for parents going through a divorce. We discuss ways to handle decision making and consider parenting schedules that meet your families’ needs.  We take a detailed look at the circumstances and make every effort to create a positive outcome for everyone. If you have concerns about parenting schedules, proposed changes to the custody order or a co-parent’s attempts to weaken your bond with the child you share, our firm can help.
  • Child support — On behalf of both custodial and noncustodial parents, we press for child support that conforms with New York law and the facts at hand. We also advocate for parents in actions relating to child support modification and enforcement. 
  • Domestic Violence

Whatever your needs, our firm will give you the knowledge and support you deserve as you attend to these important issues. 

We advocate and support you in family offense proceedings

In circumstances where you are fearful that your intimate partner or family member will harm you or your children you may need to file a family offense petition to obtain an order of protection.  On the other hand, if you have been served with a family offense petition, you may need representation to demonstrate that the allegations are false or you may need guidance to remedy the situation.  Whether you are a petitioner or respondent, we can provide you with the support and advice to navigate the proceeding to protect you from harm or protect you from unwarranted allegations or guide you to aid.

We defend youths in juvenile delinquency proceedings

Our firm assists families when children have been accused of unlawful behavior within the juvenile justice system. If the matter proceeds to a court hearing, we will advocate for an appropriate resolution that focuses on accountability and growth of the child, rather than punishment. If a finding of juvenile delinquency is handed down, we seek fair sanctions that allow the child to remain at home, including payment of restitution, conditional discharge or an order of probation. Whenever possible, we try to avoid placement in a youth detention facility.

We represent parents in child protective investigations

Allegations of child maltreatment made by authorities or outsiders, can lead to the removal of your child from your home. If you have been named as a respondent in a child protective proceeding, our firm offers knowledgeable counsel regarding the process and works diligently to protect clients’ parental rights. In these matters, the Family Court will also appoint an attorney for the child. 

We prepare prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Developing a fair prenuptial agreement helps both parties resolve the potential financial consequences should they decide to divorce at some point. By promoting honest discussion about each party’s circumstances and the applicable laws, we create a clear, enforceable document. Similarly, our lawyers can establish a postnuptial agreement if you are already married but wish to minimize the likelihood of lengthy, expensive disputes over property division and support if the relationship ends.

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